The Patents Act 1977 (as amended)

Section 51: Powers exercisable in consequence of report of Competition and Markets Authority

Licences of right and compulsory licences

  1. (1) Where a report of the Competition and Markets Authority has been laid before Parliament containing conclusions to the effect;

  • (a) [repealed]

  • (b) [repealed]

  • (c) on a competition reference, that a person was engaged in an anti-competitive practice which operated or may be expected to operate against the public interest, or

  • (d) on a reference under section 11 of the Competition Act 1980 (reference of public bodies and certain other persons), that a person is pursuing a course of conduct which operates against the public interest, the appropriate Minister or Ministers may apply to the comptroller to take action under this section.

(2) Before making an application the appropriate Minister or Ministers shall publish, in such manner as he or they think appropriate, a notice describing the nature of the proposed application and shall consider any representations which may be made within 30 days of such publication by persons whose interests appear to him or them to be affected.

(3) If on an application under this section it appears to the comptroller that the matters specified in the Competition and Markets Authority’s report as being those which in the opinion of the Competition and Markets Authority operate, or operated or may be expected to operate, against the public interest include;

  • (a) conditions in licences granted under a patent by its proprietor restricting the use of the invention by the licensee or the right of the proprietor to grant other licences, or

  • (b) a refusal by the proprietor of a patent to grant licences on reasonable terms he may by order cancel or modify any such condition or may, instead or in addition, make an entry in the register to the effect that licences under the patent are to be available as of right.

(4) In this section “the appropriate Minister or Ministers” means the Minister or Ministers to whom the report of the Competition and Markets Authority was made.