The Patents Act 1977 (as amended)

Schedule 3 (section 127): Repeals of provisions of 1949 Act

Repeals of provisions of 1949 Act

  1. Subject to the provisions of Schedule 4 below, the provisions of the 1949 Act referred to in paragraph 2 below (which have no counterpart in the new law of patents established by this Act in relation to future patents and applications) shall cease to have effect.

  2. The provisions are:

  • (a) section 14 (opposition to grant of patent);

  • (b) section 32(3) (revocation for refusal to comply with Crown request to use invention);

  • (c) section 41 (inventions relating to food or medicine, etc.);

  • (d) section 42 (controller’s power to revoke patent after expiry of two years from grant of compulsory licence);

  • (e) section 71 (extension of time for certain convention applications);

  • (f) section 72 (protection of inventions communicated under international agreements).