Teaching schools: funding to help an aspiring teaching school

Funding for teaching schools who want to support high-performing schools in becoming teaching schools.

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Page withdrawn as the application process has ended. Our guidance on system leadership has information on the other support available.

Read further information about school to school support and how you can get involved.


Funding is available for teaching schools to support high-performing schools (known as aspiring teaching schools) to close their development gaps so they can apply for teaching school designation.

If you think you could meet the criteria to become a teaching school within the next 24 months, and you are located in a target area, you should contact your local Teaching School Council or regional schools commissioner to find a teaching school to support you.


The application round is now closed.

This page will be updated in due course.

Application assessment

The Department for Education (DfE) will conduct moderation meetings and award funding on a termly basis. We will seek views from Teaching Schools Council members and others with regional knowledge to help decide whether to fund applications.

Who can apply

Current teaching schools that want to support an aspiring teaching school in a teaching schools target area can apply for funding.

To consider whether an aspiring teaching school will realistically be ready to apply for teaching school designation within the next 24 months, please read the teaching schools eligibility criteria and who can apply information.

If you are a teaching school who would like to support an aspiring teaching school, but you need help to identify one, you should contact your Teaching Schools Council representative.

What’s involved

Existing teaching schools will work with aspiring teaching schools in target areas to develop an action plan to help them close their development gaps so they can submit a successful teaching school application within the timeframes in the plan, or within 24 months – whichever is sooner.

Potential applications can be discussed with:


The funding is payable to the teaching school offering the support.

The maximum award is £25,000 and is split into 2 instalments: 40% upon award and 60% after 6 months, subject to satisfactory progress. Progress is measured at the 6-month point, through an online survey.

All funding is subject to our collaborative fund: grant funding agreement terms and conditions.


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