School-to-school support

School-to-school support fund: find support and apply for grants. Teaching schools, specialist leaders and national leaders of education.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Setting up school partnerships
  2. Specialist leaders of education: a guide for potential applicants
  3. Behaviour hubs
  4. Teaching schools and system leaders: get support for you and your school
  5. Appeal a system leader or teaching school application decision
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News and communications

  1. £33.5 million to support schools to improve
  2. Thousands of schools to improve through shared expertise
  3. Local leaders of education (LLE)
  4. Nicky Morgan: partnerships in a world-class education system
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Research and statistics

  1. School improvement through school-to-school support
  2. Sustainable improvement in multi-school groups
  3. Teaching schools evaluation: final research report
  4. Research and development network: leadership of pedagogy report
  5. Research and development network reports: school-based research in a self-improving system
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Teaching schools and system leadership: reports
  2. Schools in receipt of sports grants in the Chorley area
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