School-to-school support

School-to-school support fund: find support and apply for grants. Teaching schools, specialist leaders and national leaders of education.

  1. Appeal a system leader or teaching school application decision

    Process for how to appeal against an unsuccessful application to become a system leader or teaching school.

  2. External reviews of governance: a guide for schools

    How to arrange an external review of governance for your school and improve the performance of your governing body.

  3. External reviews of governance: what's involved

    The process for those conducting external reviews of governance and schools being reviewed.

  4. National leaders of education: a guide for potential applicants

    Find out about becoming a national leader of education (NLE), what's involved and how to apply.

  5. School-to-school support fund

    Grants for national leaders of education and teaching schools to support underperforming maintained schools and academies.

  6. School-to-school support fund: terms of use

    Terms of use for the school-to-school support fund for teaching school alliances and national leaders of education.

  7. Specialist leaders of education: a guide for potential applicants

    Find out how to apply to become a specialist leader of education (SLE), what's involved, and how to work with existing teaching schools.

  8. System leader and teaching schools: review of designation

    Information on how teaching schools, NLEs and NLGs designations are reviewed, the impact of a designation removal and how to appeal a decision.

  9. Teaching schools and system leaders: get support for you and your school

    System leaders who they are and what they do.

  10. Teaching schools: a guide for potential applicants

    Find out what teaching schools do, what funding is available, how to apply to become a teaching school and how to work with a teaching school.

  11. Teaching schools: funding to help an aspiring teaching school

    Funding for teaching schools who want to support high-performing schools become teaching schools.

  12. Teaching schools: the school perspective

    A report on the work of teaching schools and how they are responding to the main areas of the teaching school role.