T Levels: next steps for providers

Information for post-16 providers on the next steps towards delivery of T Levels.

T Levels are new courses that launched in September 2020. These 2-year courses follow GCSEs and are equivalent in size to 3 A levels.

T Levels combine classroom theory, practical learning and substantial industry placements (45 days) to make sure students have real experience of the workplace. T Level courses have been developed with employers and businesses so the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work.

They are designed to provide the knowledge, skills and experience needed to open the door to entry level skilled roles, a higher apprenticeship or further study including at university.

T Level action plan

The T Level action Plan gives an update on government’s progress in reforming technical education as set out in the post-16 skills plan.

It includes sections on:

  • the rollout of T Levels
  • case studies
  • T Level provider information
  • T Level results and certification
  • T Levels for adults
  • T Level capital
  • progression to and from T Levels
  • the Ofsted thematic review of T Levels
  • the role of IfATE in T Level delivery
  • industry placements
  • communications and marketing

Read an introduction to T Levels for more detail about T Levels.

T Level transition programme

The T Level transition programme provides a high-quality route onto T Levels for students who would benefit from the additional study time and preparation that it will give them before they start their T Level.

We are taking a phased approach to implementing the T Level transition programme alongside the introduction of T Levels.

A list of providers delivering the T Level transition programme is available.

See the revised T Level transition programme framework for delivery for information on and expectations for how the programme should be delivered from academic year 2022 onwards.

T Level transition programmes delivered from September 2022 should follow the national technical outcomes.

T Level subjects

From September 2020, T Levels have been available in:

  • design, surveying and planning for construction
  • digital production, design and development
  • education and early years

From September 2021, T Levels have been available in:

  • building services engineering for construction
  • digital business services
  • digital support and services
  • health
  • healthcare science
  • onsite construction
  • science

From September 2022, T Levels have been available in:

  • accounting
  • design and development for engineering and manufacturing
  • engineering, manufacturing, processing and control
  • finance
  • maintenance, installation and repair for engineering and manufacturing
  • management and administration

From September 2023, T Levels will be available in:

  • agriculture, land management and production
  • legal services

From September 2024, T Levels will be available in:

  • animal care and management.
  • craft and design
  • hair, beauty and aesthetics
  • media, broadcast and production

From September 2025 a T Level will be available in marketing. A further T Level is planned in catering, for delivery beyond 2024.

We have published the list of T Level providers. We are working with these providers to make sure they have the support they need to deliver T Levels successfully and to give them the opportunity to work with us to develop the new programmes.

Registering providers to deliver T Levels from September 2024

All providers currently funded to offer classroom-based study programmes to 16 to 19-year-olds can register to deliver T Levels from September 2024. The closing date to register is 24 March 2023.

Providers who registered before 29 July 2022 have access to implementation planning support and are eligible to apply for T Level capital funding.

Support for professional development

To ensure that T Levels deliver great outcomes for learners, we are committed to ensuring that teachers and leaders have the support they need to deliver them well. The T Level Professional Development offer, led by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has been available since May 2019 at no charge to providers delivering or planning to deliver T Levels.

The offer will continue to be shaped around the needs of providers and their workforce alongside relevant regional, employer and curriculum needs. Providers will see changes to the offer – for example, a move to regional facilitators to enhance and replace the professional development adviser role, a more structured and tailored CPD journey, more opportunities for collaboration, and new leadership opportunities.

To ensure providers are up to date with the latest opportunities, the ETF will continue to publicise training and CPD via their newsletter and webpage.

Capital funding

The T Levels capital fund will continue to help those further education providers at the forefront of delivering these qualifications.

The T Levels capital fund comprises of 2 different elements:

  • building and facilities improvement grant
  • specialist equipment allocation

Providers do not need to apply to receive specialist equipment allocation, but must make sure they are properly registered for delivery. The guide to the T Level capital fund provides further information.

Careers guidance support

All providers delivering T Levels in the 2023 to 2024 academic year will get a one-off grant. This grant is to support the provision of additional careers guidance to ensure all students have a good understanding about T Levels and the T Level transition programme.

Larger providers will receive £10,000 and smaller providers will receive £5,000.

Providers do not need to do anything to claim this funding. All eligible providers will receive a grant offer letter in due course with details of how they will receive the funding and how much funding they will get.

Communications and marketing

Communications and marketing activity are a critical part of the implementation plan to raise awareness of and engagement with T Levels and the T Level transition programme.

T Level providers can access promotional materials to help support the Get the Jump campaign.

We have also developed a series of resources for careers advisers and teachers to help them better understand T Levels when advising students about their options.

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