Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): voluntary adoption agencies

20. Voluntary adoption agencies where there is no manager

What must happen where there is no manager.

Although voluntary adoption agency providers do not have to register managers with Ofsted, they must have appropriate plans in place when it is known that the responsible individual, or manager of any branch, intends to stop managing (the Voluntary adoption agencies and adoption agencies (miscellaneous amendments) regulations 2003, regulation 22(1)(b)).

Plans should ensure that there is a proper transition of responsibilities from one manager to another, including a period of handover for the incoming manager by the outgoing manager. Details of the arrangements should form part of the notification that providers must make to Ofsted as soon as is practicable to do so if a manager intends to cease managing the agency or a branch of the agency.

If the agency did not manage a change of manager well or notify Ofsted of a change of manager, this will inform our inspection planning and our findings. We may decide to bring the date of the inspection forward. We may decide to make requirements on the provider and, where concerns continue, consider whether further compliance action is necessary. For further information about the compliance action we may take, please refer to our Social care compliance handbook.