Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): voluntary adoption agencies

14. Inadequate judgements: next steps

What happens following inadequate judgements, including urgent case reviews.

Any inspection judgement of inadequate for the overall experiences and progress of children and adults will lead to an urgent case review.

The case review considers whether statutory enforcement action is required in relation to the agency and responsible individual. The Social care compliance handbook has detailed information about the enforcement options available and the arrangements for following up enforcement activity.

The timing and nature of subsequent inspection and monitoring visits following a judgement of inadequate are set on a case-by-case basis and depend on any improvement made.

Where concerns are serious, we are likely to return to conduct a monitoring visit to check that the responsible individual has taken appropriate steps to safeguard and protect the welfare of service users. Monitoring visits usually result in a published report, although regulatory inspection managers (RIMs) can decide not to publish monitoring reports in exceptional circumstances.

An inspection visit takes place sooner if any further significant concerns arise during the period or if an earlier inspection is necessary to make statutory requirements to safeguard and protect the welfare of service users.