Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): residential holiday schemes for disabled children

8. Notice

The length of notice given before an inspection and the information we request.

8.1 Notice of an inspection

Residential holiday schemes are notified of an inspection up to 5 working days before the inspection.

The inspector gives notice in a letter by email and follows up with a telephone call to confirm the dates of operation of the scheme. We do not specify the days that we will visit. When notice is given, the inspector asks for a programme of activities that will take place.

We ask schemes to give the inspector access to premises and records and space for the inspector to work. Inspectors may need some help to navigate the system where records are electronic. Schemes don’t need to provide files in hard copy unless these are already used, although the inspector may ask for specific reports or documents to be printed.

8.2 Request for information at an inspection

In March each year, providers must complete and return part 2 of Annex A to Ofsted. This provides information about all the holiday schemes run by the provider, including events that operated in the previous year.

When notice of an inspection is given, inspectors ask the manager to complete and return part 1 of Annex A before the holiday commences, if possible. Inspectors use this information to contact appropriate stakeholders including parents, social workers and other health professionals supporting a particular child or young person. This may generate supplementary lines of enquiry.

Inspectors may request information about how the scheme gathers pre-event information about children, such as arrangements for medical and personal care support, staff/volunteer communication and recording systems used for events and incidents. This may generate further lines of enquiry.

This information is requested under section 31 of the Care Standards Act 2000. It supports the inspection process and informs the inspection findings. It may generate supplementary lines of enquiry.

Schemes can download a copy of Annex A and keep part 1 information updated in preparation for their inspection and send this electronically to the inspector once they receive the notice of inspection. Some of the information is stored by Ofsted as inspection evidence. No personal data is stored.

Annex A is available on the holiday schemes inspection documents page.