Social care common inspection framework (SCCIF): residential holiday schemes for disabled children

17. Concerns or complaints about an inspection

How to raise a concern or complaint.

17.1 Concerns

Most of Ofsted’s work is carried out smoothly and without incident. If concerns do arise during an inspection, they should be raised with the inspector as soon as possible during the inspection visit.

This provides an opportunity to resolve the matter before the inspection is completed. Any concerns about the factual accuracy of the findings in the report can be raised after the inspection.

If the provider is unable to resolve the matter with the inspector, they should contact the inspector’s RIM for further discussion.

17.2 Complaints

If it has not been possible to resolve concerns, a formal complaint can be raised under Ofsted’s complaints procedure.

Complaints can be submitted to Ofsted at any stage during an inspection and should be submitted no more than 10 working days after publication of any report or letter. We do not normally withhold publication of an inspection report or withdraw a published inspection report while we investigate concerns.

Complainants must send their concerns using the online complaints form available on the Ofsted website.

If there are special circumstances that prevent the submission of a complaint online, complaints can be sent in writing to:

National Complaints Team
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD