Setting up a climate change agreement (CCA)

How to apply for a climate change agreement (CCA), information you need to provide when you apply, and charges you will need to pay.

CCA application process summary

Before you apply

The 2020 application window closed on 30 November 2020. The Environment Agency cannot consider applications after that date.

Before you apply you need to check whether you are running a process that is eligible. See appendix A of the CCA operations manual.

Then you need to apply to your sector association to set up a CCA. Check their deadlines for applications.

When you apply

You need to provide information about:

  • the specific facility carrying out your eligible process and the site on which it is located
  • existing or previous CCA or EU emissions trading system permits
  • any relevant environmental permits you may have
  • the manufacturing process you use, including process flow maps and annotated site plans
  • other activities directly associated with your eligible process that are technically connected and will have an effect on CO2 emissions
  • the amount and type of energy used by the facility running the eligible process and by your entire site

You also need to provide contact details for:

  • a responsible person that has legal authority to enter into the agreement, act on your behalf and make decisions
  • an administrative contact who will manage day to day issues and deal with the sector association

Your sector association will check your application and supporting evidence before submitting them to the Environment Agency. It will also enter your details onto the CCA register system.

CCA guidance document and application forms

This page only provides a summary of the application process. Download the CCA operations manual for help on how to gather the data needed to support your application and how to work out the right target for your operation.

The form and spreadsheets are in the appendices of the CCA operations manual document.

CCA application approval

The Environment Agency will assess your application or send it to a technical facilitator who is a specialist in your sector.

If a facilitator is used they will review your application and supporting evidence to check you are eligible to hold a CCA. They will make a recommendation to either approve or refuse your application.

The Environment Agency will review your application or the facilitator’s recommendation and make the final decision.

The Environment Agency will email your nominated responsible person with its decision. This email will be copied to your administrative contact and your sector association.

If your application is approved, the decision email will include your CCA.

Your responsible person will then need to email the Environment Agency to confirm:

  • your receipt of the CCA
  • that you agree to the terms of the CCA
  • that you agree to the target that has been set

The email confirmation by your responsible person is called email assent and is legally binding.

Once the Environment Agency has received your email assent, the CCA will come into force and go live on the CCA register. For the 2020 application window the CCA will not go live before 1 January 2021.

If your application is refused, the decision email from the Environment Agency will explain why.

CCA charges

From 1 April 2014 the annual charge for a CCA is £185, multiplied by the number of facilities included in your agreement.

So if there are 3 facilities included in the agreement as one target unit, the annual charge will be 3 × £185 = £555.

There is no VAT to pay.

The charges apply in full, whether you hold a CCA for all or only part of a calendar year.

Paying CCA charges

Your sector association will contact you to collect payment at an agreed time each year. They will pay the Environment Agency on your behalf.

If your agreement starts part way through a year, you need to pay the full annual charge when you set it up.

The Environment Agency’s CCA charging scheme sets out the framework for these charges.

CCA further guidance

The information on this page is only a summary of how to set up a CCA. For more help you can:

CCA Team
Environment Agency
Richard Fairclough House
Knutsford Road

Published 9 April 2014
Last updated 30 November 2020 + show all updates
  1. The 2020 application window closed on 30 November 2020. The Environment Agency cannot consider applications after that date. The CCA will not go live before 1 January 2021.

  2. The CCA scheme is now open to new entrant facilities.

  3. Page updated: The CCA scheme closed to new entrant facilities on 31 October 2018. You can still submit change of ownership applications for a facility that's part of a current agreement. You can only add facilities undergoing a change of ownership to a new underlying agreement.

  4. Page updated to warn customers that the climate change agreement scheme closes to new entrant facilities on 31 October 2018. New entrant applications must be submitted, assessed and new agreements assented before this date. This can take more than 3 months.

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