Running a motorcycle training school

11. Managing your training body’s business practices

Book and manage riding tests for your pupils, use DVSA motorcycle manoeuvring areas for training, and buy discounted learning materials.

Offering introductory assessments

Some approved training bodies (ATBs) promote their businesses by offering an introductory assessment. These are effectively training before taking a compulsory basic training (CBT) course.

Any introductory assessment given before CBT is only allowed if it:

  • is a stand-alone course
  • does not take place on public roads

Trainees must still take a full CBT course which follows the full statutory syllabus. Items from the CBT syllabus cannot be missed out, even if they’ve been done as part of an introductory lesson.

Booking and managing riding tests for your pupils

You can register to book motorcycle tests for your pupils. When you do this:

  • you can book and pay for test slots in advance without giving your pupil’s details until nearer the test date
  • you do not have to give your payment details each time you book test slots

After you’ve registered, you can:

Using DVSA motorcycle manoeuvring areas for training

You can get permission to use motorcycle manoeuvring areas (MMAs) at Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) driving test centres. This can help trainees prepare for the motorcycle module 1 test.

  1. Register to book tests for your pupils.

  2. Sign in to the service to book and manage moped and motorcycle tests for your pupils.

  3. Accept the MMA user agreement.

Buying discounted official publications

You can buy official DVSA learning materials from The Stationery Office. You’re entitled to a discount on all Official DVSA publications when you quote your official trainer or ATB number.

You can also buy publications from most high street and online book shops.

Buying speed measuring equipment and cones

Contact DVSA for information about buying speed measuring equipment or cones used for module 1 of the motorcycle test.

DVSA Procurement team

The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

Keeping up to date

You should sign up to get email alerts from DVSA on issues affecting ATBs, including things like:

  • changes to motorcycle training and testing rules
  • new services for motorcycle trainers
  • changes to driving test centres in your area

DVSA runs the Despatch blog for driver and rider trainers, which gives official advice and information for you.

You could miss out on important information if you don’t sign up for email alerts and the Despatch blog.

You can also follow DVSA on Facebook and Twitter for updates.