Running a motorcycle training school

How to set up and run a motorcycle training school to provide compulsory basic training (CBT) and direct access scheme (DAS) training for learner motorcyclists.

This guide is sometimes called the ‘approved training body (ATB) manual’.

  1. 1. Introduction The law about providing compulsory basic training (CBT), applying to register as an approved training body (ATB), and making changes to your ATB.
  2. 2. Employing motorcycle instructors The different types of instructor authorisation, instructor certificates and monitoring your instructors.
  3. 3. Getting your site approved for compulsory basic training (CBT) How to get your site approved for compulsory basic training (CBT), including planning permission, rules for using the site and inspections.
  4. 4. Providing compulsory basic training (CBT) courses Pre-course trainee checks, the compulsory basic training (CBT) syllabus, trainee to instructor ratios, automatic machines and dealing with complaints.
  5. 5. Issuing and managing CBT certificates (DL196s) Issuing certificates, ordering more, making mistakes on certificates, reporting lost or stolen certificates, and issuing replacement certificates.
  6. 6. Providing direct access scheme (DAS) training Rules for riders, how instructors qualify, and instructor to trainee ratios.
  7. 7. Reporting incidents that happen during motorcycle training How to report training incidents, including the deadline for doing it, and who you have to report them to.
  8. 8. How your motorcycle approved training body (ATB) is monitored What gets monitored, how standards checks work, having your approval cancelled, and appealing a decision.
  9. 9. Rules for mopeds and motorcycles used for training Legal requirements, motorcycles with sidecars, motor-tricycles, speedometers, using dipped headlights during training, and trade plates.
  10. 10. What driving licences learner riders need Rules for the type of driving licence learner riders need, including UK and foreign licences, photocard licences and rules for direct access and progressive access.
  11. 11. Managing your training body’s business practices Book and manage riding tests for your pupils, use DVSA motorcycle manoeuvring areas for training, and buy discounted learning materials.