Return tagged fish and shellfish

How to return tagged fish and shellfish, how much you get paid and what information to include.

Applies to England and Wales

Fish are tagged to record fish behaviour, growth and fishing catch rates.

If you return a tag or a tagged fish or shellfish you’re paid a reward.

There are 2 types of tag:

  • conventional ‘marker’ tags
  • data storage tags
Conventional 'marker' tag

Conventional 'marker' tag

Data storage tag

Data storage tag

It’s important to include information about the fish or shellfish (recapture details), including:

  • the tag number and colour
  • the date it was caught
  • where it was caught (including longitude and latitude if possible)
  • the sex, size and weight

How much you get for returning tagged fish

If you return a tagged fish or a fish tag you’re paid:

  • £6 for a conventional ‘marker’ tag (not data storage tag), plus the market value of the fish and postage costs
  • £75 for data storage tags
  • £25 extra if you return the fish with the data storage tag

You could also win £1,000 in an annual lottery.

How much you get for returning tagged shellfish

If you return a tagged shellfish you’re paid:

  • £6 for a shellfish with a conventional tag and full recapture details
  • £50 for a shellfish with a data storage tags and full recapture details

How to return tags or tagged fish or shellfish

Phone the 24-hour reporting hotline on 01502 524526 and leave your details.

Complete and return the relevant form, either online or by printing it out:

You can send tags in the post to Cefas or your local Marine Management Organisation (MMO) office (who will forward them to Cefas).

If you’re sending tagged fish or shellfish, Cefas will send a courier at a time agreed with you.

You’re paid by cheque within 2 months.



Telephone: 01502 524 526

Fish tag returns
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Marine Management Organisation

Contact your local MMO office.

Published 3 July 2014