Animal testing and research: guidance for the regulated community

Guidance and regulatory advice on how to apply for licences issued under ASPA and how your compliance with ASPA and your licence conditions will be assessed.

Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) guidance and regulatory advice

You can read ASRU guidance that explains how the act is administered and enforced including detailed regulatory advice for licence holders

From 5 July 2021, ASRU now provides regulatory delivery through 2 teams covering different areas each of which has a dedicated inbox. Read the Bridging ways of working guidance for advice.

Apply for licences

Three licences are required by the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA) before testing on animals is allowed. The 3 licences needed are:

  • personal licence for each person carrying out procedures on animals

  • project licence for the programme of work

  • establishment licence for the place at which the work is carried out

You should use the Animals in Science Procedures e-Licensing (ASPeL) system for all personal and project licence applications.

Contact your establishment’s Home Office liaison contact/administrator to start your application online.

If you are from an establishment that is not yet licensed, email

Any named person responsible for animal welfare on the establishment licence will need to complete a conflict of interest declaration form.

Before applying, please read the standard conditions for personal licences, project licences and establishment licences.

You can also read guidance on:

Prospective authority licensing requests

Animal studies carried out to meet regulatory requirements will be performed in compliance with UK and EU legislative bodies.

Where studies are performed for other regulatory bodies, for example the US, and the study requirements exceed the UK or EU regulatory requirements, you must submit a prospective authorisation request form to ASRU.

The project licence holder at the establishment should complete the Prospective authorisation form (MS Word Document, 107 KB). Submit the completed form to

Project Licence Standard Condition 18 notification

All project licences are subject to a set of standard conditions. Standard Condition 18 requires that the project licence holder (PPLh) notifies the Secretary of State as soon as possible if constraints on the severity limits, or observance of other controls described in the licence, have been breached or are likely to have been breached.

You can read the Advice note - Project Licence Standard Condition 18 Notification (PDF, 544 KB, 22 pages), and use the form Project Licence Standard Condition 18 Notification form (ODT, 31.8 KB) to make reports.

Annual returns on the use of protected animals

Statistics are collected annually in the UK to meet the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 to collect and publish statistical information on the use of protected animals in regulated procedures.

If you are a project licence holder, read the guidance on the annual returns process.


The Animals in Science Regulation Unit newsletters are sent out by the ASRU. If you have any questions about their content, email

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Contact information

Use for:

  • specific queries relating to an individual licence application

  • evidence to support an exemption from mandatory training

  • requests to re-home animals where not already authorised

  • advice on interpretation of licence authorities

  • guidance on becoming an establishment

  • advice on whether work needs to be regulated

  • advice on applying for licences

  • guidance on how we will assess applications

  • information to support a PEL application or amendment notification of AWERB dates

  • AWERB terms of reference

Use for:

  • reports of potential non-compliance

  • reports required by a licence condition or as a result of enforcement action

  • advice on whether a non-compliance may have occurred

  • contact during a non-compliance investigation

Use for:

  • requests to keep animals alive

  • Standard Condition 18 reports

Use for:

  • audit related queries

Use for:

  • technical advice on the use of ASPeL

Use for:

  • raising concerns about the timeliness or completeness of response from any of our teams or any other concerns about any individual request or interaction

  • raising concerns about the timeliness or completeness of response from any of our teams or any other concerns about any individual request or interaction from the regulated community

Use for:

  • notifying ASRU of upcoming work at a POLE - please ensure the email subject line includes the PPL number, PPL holder’s surname and the name of the establishment

Report a non-compliance

Please use this form to notify ASRU of any incidents where there has been a potential breach of ASPA or a licence condition, this includes the code of practice.

Provide as much information as possible. Incidents of non-compliance should be reported to ASRU. Self-reporting indicates that an establishment is making efforts to ensure compliance. It demonstrates that role holders are aware of their responsibilities and are committed to building a compliant culture.

ASRU expects self-reporting to be embedded within good governance frameworks and that employees are aware of the process for raising concerns within their establishment. This is set out in ASRU’s published compliance policy and guidance on the operation of the ASPA.

Complaints feedback

If you want to give feedback on how we handled your complaint, please email

Make a complaint

Please only complete this complaints form if you wish to make a formal complaint.

Please send the completed form to

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