Animal testing and research: annual returns

Guidance on completing your annual return of procedures.

Always check this page to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date returns and guidance notes. We welcome feedback on these documents.

2020 return

The return of procedures - animal use data 2020 (XLSM, 460KB) form should only be used for procedures completed during 2020.

Read the guidance documents below when you complete your form. After clicking on the link to the form, click ‘Save’, choose an appropriate folder, and click ‘Save’ again. This will ensure that macros are automatically enabled so that the form functions properly.


  • Actual severity reporting (PDF, 161KB, 19 pages) sets out the general principles to enable project licence holders, and those appointed by them, to accurately and consistently assign severity assessments on completion of regulated procedures
  • Severity classification of genetically altered animals (PDF, 113KB, 10 pages) advises on the specific issues relevant to the assessment of severity of animals on ‘breeding and maintenance’ protocols.

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Published 1 December 2017
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