Request a map from the Forestry Commission

If you need to include a map with an application to the Forestry Commission, we will create an OS MasterMap® free of charge for you.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery if you plan to apply before an application window closes.

The Forestry Commission only accepts application maps if they’re on an Ordnance Survey MasterMap® base.

We have adopted Ordnance Survey MasterMap® as the required map standard for applications. MasterMap® is the most up-to-date large-scale digital map of Great Britain and is recognised as the mapping standard.

Request a map for your grant or felling application

Download, print and complete the Map Request Form and send it to the relevant Administrative Hub.

You should provide a copy of another map clearly highlighting the full area that needs to be on the print that shows the National Grid Reference of a point near the centre of the highlighted area.

Alternatively, give the grid references for the 4 corners of the area you need. Make sure that the whole area of the application is included within the 4 points.

We provide all maps at A3 size and orientated landscape or portrait depending on the application area.

Please note, these maps must only be used as part of a Forestry Commission application process. If you use the map we give you for any other purpose, you will be in breach of copyright.

Published 9 July 2018