Previous document codes for data element 2/1 of CDS

Use appendix 3 to find codes for data element 2/1 of the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) when importing into the UK.

Choose the relevant code for the document from the list below.

Enter the code to be declared followed by the reference identifier for the document name/type to be used as the previous reference.

The procedure code completion notes in Appendix 1: Requested and previous procedure codes for data element DE 1/10 give guidance on the codes expected to be used in specific circumstances for the procedure concerned. However they are not a definitive guide and should be read along with the full list provided below.

Code to be declared Document name/type to be used as the previous reference
235 Container list
270 Delivery note
271 Packing list
325 Proforma invoice
337 Temporary storage declaration
355 Entry summary declaration (ENS)
380 Commercial invoice
703 House waybill
704 Master Bill of Lading
705 Bill of Lading
714 House Bill of Lading
720 Rail consignment note
730 Road consignment note
740 Air Waybill
741 Master Air Waybill
750 Despatch note (post parcels)
760 Multimodal/combined transport document
785 cargo manifest
787 Bordereau
820 Union/Common Transit Declaration - mixed consignments (T)
821 External Union/Common Transit Declaration (T1)
822 Internal Union/Common Transit Declaration (T2)
823 Control document T5
825 Proof of the customs status of Union goods (T2L)
952 TIR Carnet
955 ATA Carnet
CLE Reference/date of entry in the declarant’s records (EIDR)*
IF3 Information sheet (INF3)
MNS Cargo manifest - simplified procedure
MRN Declaration/notification (MRN)
T2F Internal Union Transit Declaration - Article 227 of the code
T2G Proof of the sustoms status of Union goods (T2LF)
T2M T2M proof
SDE Simplified declaration** for simplified declaration procedure (SDP)
CSE Customs supervised export
MCR Master unique consignment reference (MUCR)
DCR Declaration unique consignment reference (DUCR)
DCS Declaration unique consignment reference part number (DUCR Part)
ZZZ Other

*Code ‘CLE’, included in this list is to be used for entry in declarants records (EIDR, Article 182(1) of EU Regulation No. 952/2013).

The date the goods were released to the customs procedure (the date the EIDR record was created) should be declared as the previous document for this code in the following format: yyyymmdd.

**Code ‘SDE’, included in this list stands for the simplified declaration (formerly referred to as the simplified frontier declaration or SFD) under the simplified declaration procedure (SDP, Article 166 of EU Regulation No. 952/2013).

The MRN of the simplified declaration should be declared as the previous document for this code.

Published 1 August 2018