Notice of rights and entitlements: a person's rights in police detention

The notice of rights and entitlements sets out a person's rights while in police detention and is issued in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act Code of Practice C, paragraph 3.2.

Your rights while in police detention

The revised English language version was introduced on 21 August 2019. The changes are highlighted in grey in the English language version. Until translations become available, detainees will need to be told about the changes through an interpreter.

You can find the previous versions of these notices at the the national archives.

You can also read the full Police and Criminal Evidence Act codes of practice

Language (English) Language (language specific) Text (PDF)
English English English text
English: easy read English: easy read Easy read text
Welsh Cymraeg Welsh text
Albanian Shqip Albanian text
Amharic አማርኛ Amharic text
Arabic العربية Arabic text
Bengali বাংলা Bengali text
Bulgarian български Bulgarian text
Chinese simplified (Mandarin) 简体字 Chinese simplified text
Chinese traditional (Cantonese) 簡體字 Chinese text
Croatian Hrvatski Croatian text
Czech Česky Czech text
Danish Dansk Danish text
Dari دری‎ Dari text
Dutch Nederlands Dutch text
Estonian Eesti keel Estonian text
Farsi فارسی Farsi text
Finnish Suomi Finnish text
French Français French text
Georgian ქართული Georgian text
German Deutsch German text
Greek ελληνικά Greek text
Gujarati ગુજરાતી Gujarati text
Hausa هَوُسَ Hausa text
Hindi हिन्दी Hindi text
Hungarian Magyar Hungarian text
Igbo Asụsụ Igbo Igbo text
Italian Italiano Italian text
Korean 한국어/조선말 Korean text
Kurdish Kurmanji Kurmancî Kurdish Kurmanji text
Kurdish Sorani کوردیی ناوەندی Kurdish Sorani text
Latvian Latviešu Latvian text
Lithuanian Lietuvių Lithuanian text
Maltese Malti Maltese text
Norwegian Norsk Norwegian text
Pashto پښتو Pashto text
Polish Polski Polish text
Portuguese Português Portuguese text
Punjabi Panjābī Punjabi text
Romanian Română Romanian text
Russian Pусский Russian text
Shona chiShona Shona text
Slovak Slovenčina Slovak text
Slovenian Slovenščina Slovenian text
Somali Soomaaliga Somali text
Spanish Español Spanish text
Swedish Svenska Swedish text
Tamil தமிழ் Tamil text
Thai ไทย Thai text
Tigrinya ትግርኛ Tigrinya text
Turkish Türkçe Turkish text
Twi tɕɥi Twi text
Ukranian украї́нська Ukranian text
Urdu اُردُو Urdu text
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt Vietnamese text
Yoruba Yorùbá Yoruba text
Published 26 March 2013
Last updated 20 August 2019 + show all updates
  1. Updated to show that a new English language version was introduced on 21 August 2019.

  2. New version of notice of rights of entitlements published.

  3. New translations published.

  4. First published.