Noise impact assessments involving calculations or modelling

Information you must submit to the Environment Agency in a noise impact assessment that uses computer modelling or spreadsheet calculations.

If you need to give the Environment Agency a noise impact assessment that uses computer modelling or spreadsheet calculations you must include the information listed in this guidance. This includes general information such as descriptions of your site and detailed noise data, usually displayed in tables.

You must also:

  • clearly state any assumptions used in the computer model or spreadsheet
  • submit all noise modelling files or spreadsheet calculations
  • submit noise model input data in QSI data exchange format files where you have used noise modelling
  • submit the numerical noise data (except the terrain data - this is not required) in a clearly labelled and concise spreadsheet

If you do not provide all the information we need to process your application we may have to ask you for it. This will delay your application.

We do not require assessments of off-site traffic or construction noise.

General information you must provide

You must provide a description of:

  • the site location and layout
  • your proposed activities and sources of any noise
  • local receptors and reasons for selection
  • your noise remediation approach

You must also provide a:

  • map showing the site and surrounding area including receptors
  • site plan including the site boundary

You must also provide a:

  • full noise survey report if you have carried out a BS4142 assessment
  • description of the noise mitigation measures you propose using and supporting evidence, such as the manufacturer’s engineering specification for items that mitigate noise emissions, or calculations of the screening effect of barriers

Noise data you must provide

You must provide the following information. You must use 1 metre resolution National Grid references for all location data.

Fixed and mobile plant

You must provide the following information for fixed and mobile plant:

  • grid references
  • referenced or derived sound power levels (preferably octave band, for derived provide the measurements and calculations)
  • heights
  • directivities
  • operating times

Noise emitting buildings

You must provide the following information for noise emitting buildings:

  • corner grid references
  • heights
  • octave band reverberant sound pressure calculations or measurements
  • referenced octave band transmission coefficients
  • façade and roof emissions

You must also account for aperture emissions, providing:

  • grid references
  • dimensions
  • sound power levels
  • opening times

Site traffic

You must provide the following information about site traffic:

  • grid references for site roads
  • vehicle sound power levels
  • traffic numbers
  • traffic speed

Site buildings

For site buildings, whether acoustically emitting or not, provide:

  • corner grid references
  • heights

Off-site buildings

For any off-site buildings that may affect sound levels at receptors (through screening, reflection or diffraction), provide:

  • corner grid references
  • heights

Site acoustic barriers

You must provide the following information about site acoustic barriers:

  • grid references at ends
  • construction details
  • thicknesses
  • heights

Terrain data

Where you are relying on screening by buildings or barriers for noise attenuation you must provide accurate elevations (height above sea level) and heights (above ground) for:

  • sources
  • barriers or buildings
  • receptors

Use high resolution spot heights or contours.

You should incorporate the terrain data into the model. Do not submit separate copyrighted terrain files.


You must provide the following information about any receptors:

  • grid references
  • addresses or other identification
  • number of storeys (estimate sound pressure levels for each storey)
  • sensitivity
  • BS4142 background LA90
  • specific and rating levels for site activities
  • rationale for applying or not applying acoustic penalties
  • numerical impacts


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