National pupil database: apply for a data extract

How researchers, third-party organisations and individuals can apply for data extracts from the national pupil database.

From 1 May 2018 we are temporarily pausing applications for data extracts and will not process new applications. We are making changes to the approval process and will provide further information in June 2018. If you have an outstanding application you can email

The national pupil database (NPD) contains detailed information about pupils in schools and colleges in England. The data includes:

  • test and exam results, prior attainment and progression at different key stages for pupils in the state sector
  • attainment data for students in non-maintained special schools, sixth-form and further education colleges
  • information on pupils in independent schools, where available

The database also includes information about pupils’ characteristics, such as:

  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • first language
  • eligibility for free school meals
  • special educational needs (SEN)
  • pupil absence and exclusions

Subject to approval, extracts of this data are available for use by any organisation or person who, for the purpose of promoting the education or well-being of children in England are:

  • conducting research or analysis
  • producing statistics
  • providing information, advice or guidance

Information about the range of data available in the NPD, including example data, can be found in ‘ data sources by year’ and ‘ example data files’.

Data extracts available

Tiered data extracts

The data available in the NPD is divided into 4 tiers and can be requested in a number of different combinations:

  • tier 1 contains the most sensitive personal information
  • tier 2 contains other sensitive personal information, including less sensitive versions of tier 1 data
  • tier 3 contains school-level data
  • tier 4 contains other pupil-level data. For example, attainment, absence and exclusions

From these tiers there are also standard data extracts available, which should fulfil most requests:

  • tier 2 standard extracts
  • tier 4 standard extracts

A full list of what data is available in each of the tiers and standard extracts can be found in the ‘NPD data tables’ and ‘NPD user guide’.

Bespoke requests

Bespoke extracts are available on request. A member of the NPD Data Request team will be able to advise on the approvals process, and whether the information requested is available.

Linked data

The NPD is also linked to the further and higher education sectors, using data from the individualised learner record (ILR) and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) student record.

You can request linked information in the following combinations:

  • NPD linked to ILR data
  • NPD linked to HESA student record
  • NPD linked to both ILR and HESA
  • individualised learner record linked to HESA student record

A full list of what data is available from the ILR and HESA student record can be found in the ILR and HESA data tables.

Your or your children’s data

You can contact the NPD data request team to ask:

  • if we’re processing your personal data
  • for a description of the data we hold about you
  • for a copy of your personal data and the details of its source
  • the reasons why we’re holding it and who we disclose it to (eg Ofsted)

How to apply

Apply for extracts of NPD or linked data

To request extracts of the NPD or linked data you will need to complete either the ‘NPD data request application form’ or ‘Linked data request application form’ and ‘Information security questionnaire’.

You should fill in these forms electronically and email them to the NPD data request team.

NPD data request team

You will have to demonstrate that you comply with all relevant requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, including proving that you or your organisation:

  • are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office to process personal data or fall within an exemption
  • have appropriate security arrangements in place to process the data
  • intend to use the data only for the specified purpose in your request
  • will keep the data only for the specified length of time
  • will not share the data without our prior written approval

For any tier 1 or 2 requests, each individual user of the data must also provide a copy of a ‘basic disclosure’ certificate that is no more than 2 years old. You can get this certificate from Disclosure Scotland. We will also accept more detailed disclosure certificates, but please be aware that we will take all the evidence in the certificate into account before making a decision.

Apply for your or your children’s data

Contact the NPD team or use the contact us form to make a request.

NPD data request team

Please be as specific as you can about the data you’re asking about.

You’ll need to confirm your identity - we’ll usually ask you to send documents proving your name and address.

Approval process

There are different approval processes depending on the sensitivity and types of data extract you request.

Tier 1

Requests for extracts from tier 1 can only be approved by our Data Management Advisory panel. In these cases applicants must also give line-by-line explanations for why each sensitive item is required, and why the same outcome cannot be achieved using less sensitive data.

Tiers 2, 3 and 4

Requests for extracts from tiers 2, 3 and 4, will be dealt with by the NPD Data Request team.

Linked data requests

We administer all requests for linked data, but these are referred to:

These bodies will consider your request, and will communicate their decisions to us, including specifying any conditions for the release of their data.


We will inform you of all decisions relating to the release of NPD or linked data.

If we need more information, we will ask you to provide this. We will also give feedback explaining reasons why we have rejected a request.

If your application is approved you will be required to sign a licence agreement and provide completed individual declarations for each named user of the data.

Once we receive the signed agreement, and any user declaration forms, the requested data will be transferred securely.

The data will be encrypted and the password will only be released to the named person in the application pack.

Your or your children’s data

There are exemptions in the Data Protection Act to an organisation’s duty to supply personal data. In some cases, we may withhold some or all of the personal data you request about yourself or your family.


All NPD and linked data request application forms and downloads, including the ‘National pupil database user guide’ and example data sets are available on the National pupil database: document collection.

Published 25 March 2014
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