Land Systems Programme

The Land Systems Programme is the hub for land environment science and technology.

Freedom of manoeuvre and operational advantage through science and technology (S&T) is critical to the success of the UK land forces.

The environment in which UK land forces operate is changing and becoming more complex, and new technologies, such as autonomous systems, will have a significant impact on operations.

UK land forces need to be prepared to respond to future opportunities and threats; S&T will play an important role in helping to maintain freedom of action and providing technological advantage.

Challenger tank

The Land Systems Programme will provide a hub for land environment-focused S&T to create operational advantage. Survivability, protection, systems integration, future concepts and decision support will be key capabilities in achieving this.

For example: building in integration from the outset means that new equipment and systems can be integrated onto vehicles and soldiers quickly, easily and effectively; and providing technical evidence supports Army HQ investigations into future force concepts.

In addition, working and ensuring interoperability with key allies and partners, including the US, Australia and NATO, the programme will support the UK land forces of the future.

Key activities

  • Developing active protection systems sensors and countermeasures to defeat a wide range of current and future battlefield threats
  • Supporting the Army’s contribution to Joint Force 2025
  • Exploiting autonomous systems
  • Enabling greater interoperability with key UK allies and partners
  • Exploiting advances in technology to enable land forces to be more survivable, manoeuvrable and sustainable

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Published 5 January 2018