Key stage 2 tests: what to do if a child cheats

Instructions for headteachers if a child is caught cheating during a key stage 2 national curriculum test.

If a child is caught cheating, and you believe the child has gained an advantage as a result, then the headteacher must notify us using the notification of a child cheating form. This is available on the ‘Access arrangements’ section of the NCA tools website.

By completing the form, the headteacher agrees to either:

  • removal of marks for the specific questions where the child has gained an advantage
  • annulment of the child’s paper

A child must have a result for each component of a test to receive an overall test result. If 1 or more papers are annulled the child will not receive an overall test result.

You do not need to notify us if a child has attempted to cheat but did not gain an advantage. Instead you should follow your school’s behaviour policy.

Actions to take if a child gained an advantage by cheating

Use the notification of a child cheating form to report the incident. You will need to give the following information:

  • the child’s name
  • the name of the test
  • whether you wish to annul the test paper or to remove marks from specific questions

If you choose to request the removal of marks you will also need to give the specific question numbers in which the child was advantaged by cheating.

Collate the child’s test script(s) with the other children’s test scripts. Information about the incident should not be included with the test scripts.