Key stage 2 tests: how to access results and test scripts

Information for headteachers, teachers and local authorities about how to access test results, scripts, test materials and scaled score conversion tables.

This guidance will be updated for the 2018 test cycle in June 2018.

Test results

Key stage 2 test results will be available in the ‘Pupil results’ section of NCA tools on Tuesday 4 July.

Headteachers and teachers can access their pupils’ raw scores, scaled scores and test outcomes.

Schools with a key stage 3 intake can download results for their incoming year 7 pupils, from NCA tools, if they have their unique pupil numbers (UPNs).

Local authorities can also access test results for their schools on NCA tools.

Test scripts

Headteachers and teachers will be able to access their school’s test scripts in the ‘Pupil results’ section of NCA tools from Tuesday 4 July. We will only return copies of test scripts if they could not be marked on screen. For example, this process applies to modified versions of the tests, scripts where a pupil’s handwriting was not clearly visible when viewed on screen or when schools made full transcripts.

2017 test materials and scaled score conversion tables

2017 test papers and mark schemes are available in the practice materials collection.

Key stage 2 scaled score conversion tables will be published on Tuesday 4 July.

Published 8 July 2014
Last updated 20 June 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated for 2017 test cycle.
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