NHS population screening: access and order leaflets

Guidance for local NHS screening services on how to order and access printed and digital population screening leaflets.

National information leaflets explain screening tests, possible results and follow-up tests for the 11 NHS population screening programmes.

All these leaflets are available in digital HTML format. Some are also available as hard copy printed leaflets which local NHS screening services can order for free.

Digital leaflets

Digital HTML versions of all the national screening and follow-up information leaflets are available for:

Local NHS screening services should direct people to the digital leaflet(s) relevant to them.

How to print digital leaflets

A small number of people cannot access digital information. To ensure these people receive the information they need, local services should print out a copy of the appropriate digital HTML leaflet(s).

To print an HTML document:

  1. Go to the publication you want to print.
  2. Open the print option window (press Ctrl P or Cmd P to do this).
  3. Select any appropriate options, such as double-sided printing.
  4. Press print.

When printing an HTML document, you may want to customise the pages to omit the list of contents and the open government licence information. Any hyperlinks in the HTML document will be written out in full in the printout.

Order printed leaflets

Order printed leaflets directly using the APS online ordering portal.

To order leaflets for free, you must confirm you are:

  • a local provider or call/recall service for an NHS screening programme in England
  • complying with NHS England screening service specifications
  • not stockpiling leaflets

Printed leaflets should be enclosed with prevalent screening invitation letters but not with incident invitations.

Orders of free printed leaflets are limited to one copy per individual.

Local screening providers and call/recall services for NHS screening programmes must use nationally developed information resources to comply with national service specifications.

Printed leaflets available to order

See the APS online ordering portal to view the PDF artwork of all the printed national screening leaflets available to order for free.

Leaflets available to order are:

Contact the national print provider

APS Group


Contact form https://phe-screening....

Telephone 0161 4954962

Order leaflets directly using the APS online ordering portal:

If you have any problems ordering from the site, please call or email.

Allow 10 working days for leaflets to arrive after placing an order.

Contact the PHE Screening helpdesk with any queries about this guidance, making sure you include its full title.

Published 7 September 2018
Last updated 27 August 2020 + show all updates
  1. Updated the reduced list of leaflets that providers can order in printed format and guidance on accessing digital leaflets.

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