How to challenge our decision to list or not list a building

You have 28 days to challenge a listing after the notification has been published.

Anyone can challenge a listing decision by requesting a review, but you can only do so up to 28 days after the listing notification has been published. The review will decide whether the original decision should be upheld, amended or overturned.

A review will only be carried out:

  • if there is significant evidence that the original decision was wrong
  • where there was a significant factual error
  • where there was irregularity in the listing process
  • if there is significant evidence which was not previously considered about the special architectural or historic interest of the building in a national context

If you are submitting a new review request, please be aware that we triage cases for urgency on receipt. Due to an increase in volume and urgency of some cases, you may experience a delay in our response to you. In order to increase the time available to progress cases, we will not be able to provide updates.

Listing Review Request Form

Published 27 February 2013
Last updated 21 April 2022 + show all updates
  1. Deleted the original guidelines (which have now been replaced with an up-to-date version).

  2. Added guidance on making a request to review a listing decision

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