HM Land Registry: Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data

Information about registered land and property in England and Wales owned by UK companies.

Our Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data (CCOD) contains more than 3.3 million title records of freehold and leasehold property in England and Wales.

You can access all ownership categories excluding private individuals, overseas companies and charities.

Data content

This licensed dataset is provided free of charge and includes:

  • title number
  • tenure (freehold/leasehold)
  • land or property address
  • price paid (where available)
  • administrative area (local authority area)
  • company name (legal owner(s))
  • company registration number (where available)
  • type of company (legal entity)
  • company address(es)
  • date the ownership was registered at HM Land Registry
  • additional proprietor indicator (indicates if there are other proprietors in the register which are not UK companies or organisations)
  • multiple address indicator (indicates where there is more than one property address in the register)

The data published has been collected from a number of sources as part of the land registration process.

Read the Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data: technical specification.

Ownership categories

Ownership data is categorised as:

  • community benefit society (company)
  • community benefit society (corporate body)
  • co-operative society (company)
  • co-operative society (corporate body)
  • corporate bodies
  • county councils
  • housing association community benefit society (company)
  • housing association community benefit society (corporate body)
  • housing association co-operative society (company)
  • housing association co-operative society (corporate body)
  • housing association registered society (company)
  • housing association registered society (corporate body)
  • housing association/society (company)
  • housing association/society (corporate body)
  • industrial and provident societies (company)
  • industrial and provident societies (corporate body)
  • limited companies or public limited companies
  • limited liability partnerships
  • local authorities
  • registered society (company)
  • registered society (corporate body)
  • unlimited companies

How the data can be used

Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data is released under licensed terms of use. These terms also set out the conditions for the re-use of data (in this case, addresses) which contains third party intellectual property rights. Property addresses contained within the Commercial and Corporate Ownership Data are processed against Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase Premium product, which incorporates Royal Mail’s PAF® database (Address Data).

Access the data

To safeguard against possible fraud and data misuse, we are required to confirm that users understand and agree to the licensed terms of use. In addition, we collect the details of those who request access to the data. For information about how we handle personal data, read our personal information charter.

Data is supplied in CSV format – typical file size 1.2GB.

If you are a UK resident, non-UK resident or overseas company

To request the data you must:

  • provide limited personal information
  • provide your debit or credit card details for security purposes, no payment will be taken
  • select the data you require (at this stage you can also opt to download the Overseas Companies Ownership Data free of charge)
  • read and accept licensed terms of use

When you complete the request process we will contact you by email within one working day (subject to the volume of applications).

If you are a UK business

To request the data you must:

  • provide limited business information
  • read and accept licensed terms of use

When you have successfully completed the request process, we will contact you within one working day (subject to volume of applications).


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Overseas Companies Ownership Data: property titles owned by overseas companies.

Published 9 September 2014