Coal mining records, data, deeds and documents

How to get data and documents held by the Coal Authority.

The Coal Authority holds a large quantity of data, including historic information, relating to coal mining in the United Kingdom.

The Coal Authority’s interactive map viewer allows you to view selected coal mining information in your web browser.

Get historic digital coal mining data

Coal abandonment plans

You may need to access historic mine plans for research purposes, for desktop studies prior to development or if you simply have an interest in the history of mining. The mining records office houses a collection of coal abandonment plans, covering both opencast and deep mining operations, which depict areas of coal extraction and the point of entry into the same. All plans have been digitally scanned and are available to any interested parties.

Digital or paper copies of abandonment plans can be ordered by submitting your site plan and request to

British Coal photograph collection

If you are interested in coal mining history we have a large collection of old British Coal photographs. These photos are from a wide range of collieries covering every aspect of coal mining. These have all been scanned, are searchable and are available in the Mining Heritage Centre to view digitally.

Digital or paper prints of photos can be ordered by submitting your order request to

If you would prefer to view the plans or photos on our bespoke viewing system at the Mansfield office then please call the Mining Heritage Centre on 0345 762 6848 to arrange an appointment

Get historic paper coal mining records

Coal holdings register (CHR)

If you need to research mines/minerals ownership for a particular area/site then you will need to look at the CHR. This is a paper archive held at the Mining Heritage Centre. The CHR dealt with the transfer in ownership of coal and other minerals prior to the Nationalisation of the Coal Industry.

Any investigation into the title to mines/minerals in a coal mining area must involve an inspection of the CHR. The Coal Authority will not regard the investigation as being done properly without this being carried out.

To search the CHR you will need to provide a plan of your area of interest along with your request for a search to

Licence register

If you need details on a coal mining licence then you will need to refer to the Coal Authority’s licence register. This holds details of all current granted coal mining licences (underground, opencast and underground coal gasification) and also any current applications. These are usually requested by homeowners if they receive a mining report that mentions a particular licence. An entry in the licence register provides you with details of the licensee and a plan of the area affected.

If you would like a copy of an entry from the licence register then you will need to submit your request, naming the licence you are interested in, to

Property deeds and documents

In the first instance all enquiries should be directed to the Land Registry

If your title deeds to a residential property have been lost, stolen or destroyed, the Coal Authority may be able to provide certified copies. The Coal Authority has in its archives copies of many of the documents created when land and property has been sold or otherwise disposed of by the National Coal Board/British Coal Corporation. These include:

  • Uncertified copies of deeds or documents
  • Certified copies of deeds or documents
  • Replacement title deeds

If you need any of the above then submit your request to

Fees and Charges

To view charges and order our data please view our fee information

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