Help and support for traders getting ready for Brexit

Watch webinars and videos about trading with the EU after Brexit.

Getting ready for Brexit

Register for the next live webinar about getting ready for Brexit.

You can also watch an hour long YouTube video about the 5 main areas that UK businesses must be aware of to keep trading goods when the UK leaves the EU.

The video covers:

  • applying for an EORI number
  • preparing to make customs declarations
  • transitional simplified procedures
  • entry summary declarations (also known as safety and security declarations)
  • paying Customs Duty, VAT and excise

Geting ready for Brexit

Transitional simplified procedures

Register for the next live webinar about transitional simplified procedures.

You can also watch a 30 minute YouTube video which gives information on:

  • how to register
  • import declarations
  • import value of goods
  • the duties payable

Transitional simplified procedures

Exporting using the Common Transit Convention

Watch this YouTube video to find out how to use transit and how it could benefit your business after Brexit.

The video gives information on:

  • who can use transit
  • how to prepare your business to use transit
  • authorised consignor information
  • using an individual guarantee

Exporting using the Common Transit Convention

Use HMRC’s automated assistant Ask Ruth for answers to simple questions.

Published 22 February 2019
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