Get information about schools

Educational professionals can search for and update establishment details using this service, previously called Edubase.

Applies to England and Wales

This service replaces the Edubase service for educational professionals in England. Parents and guardians should use the find and compare service to check the performance of schools for their children.

Educational professionals can use this service to find details on:

  • schools
  • children’s centres
  • academy trusts and sponsors
  • school federations

You can view and download details on:

  • the type, status and phase of each school or centre
  • governors, trustees and headteachers

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There are different registers for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Some Welsh information is included in this service.

Update your details

Schools, local authorities and academy trusts can update their details by signing in to their DfE Sign-in account.

Published 18 September 2017