Choosing schools

Contact your local council to find:

You can also contact your local council to apply for places in schools in other areas.

Find out about a school

You can find out more by:

  • visiting the school - most schools have open days
  • reading the school’s most recent Ofsted reports
  • checking school league tables, which include exam results
  • talking to other parents about what they think of the school

What schools must publish on their website

Schools’ websites must include:

  • the amount of money they get from taking underprivileged children (the ‘pupil premium’), what they do with it and the effect it’s had
  • details of the curriculum
  • admission criteria
  • behaviour policy
  • special educational needs policy
  • disability policy
  • links to Ofsted reports
  • links to performance data
  • the school’s latest key stage 2 and 4 attainment and progress measures

You can also get advice about choosing schools from your local council. All councils have teams to help parents get their children into schools.