Genomic Services and Development Unit (GSDU)

GSDU provides genomic services including next generation sequencing, sanger sequencing and fragment analysis.

Public Health England’s Genomic Services and Development Unit (GSDU) provides 3 services:

  1. Next generation sequencing (NGS) using Illumina sequencing technology to sequence genomic DNA or PCR amplicons. Up to 150 Megabases of high quality sequence is provided.

  2. Sanger sequencing of short DNA fragments on Applied Biosystems capillary platforms. Up to 850 bases read length is generated.

  3. Fragment analysis using Applied Biosystems capillary platforms to size fluorescently labelled PCR products for variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) analysis, microsatellites, ribotyping, CRISPRS and fluorescent amplified length polymorphism (FAFLP).

For further information and pricing refer to the GSDU user manual or contact services directly.


Genomic Services and Development Unit

Public Health England
61 Colindale Avenue

Published 29 January 2016