Flood and coastal erosion risk management projects and funding

As a risk management authority (RMA) you may be eligible for grant-in-aid (GIA) funding for your FCERM project.

This information is for RMAs if you’re developing a flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) project.

An FCERM project may be:

  • a scheme to reduce flood or coastal erosion risk
  • a study to investigate options for a scheme
  • a study leading to a strategy or management plan
  • a study to investigate the environmental impacts of works
  • work to prepare a strategy

The National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England sets out the overall approach for delivering flooding and coastal risk management in England. As an RMA you must act consistently with the strategy.

The Flood and Water Management Act provides comprehensive management of flood risk for people, homes and businesses. It helps safeguard community groups from unaffordable rises in surface water drainage charges. It also protects water supplies to the consumer.

Use this information to understand the steps you need to take as you develop your project and apply for GIA funding. You should complete each step in the correct order.

Develop an FCERM project proposal

Use the develop a project proposal guidance to:

  • investigate the opportunity for an FCERM project
  • find out if your project is eligible for GIA funding

Submit an FCERM project proposal

Use the submit an FCERM project proposal guidance to find out:

  • what information you need in your proposal
  • about partnership funding
  • how and when to submit a proposal
  • how the Environment Agency will approve your proposal
  • what to do if your proposal is not accepted
  • how to submit an urgent or emergency project

Partnership funding for FCERM projects

Use the partnership funding guidance to find out:

  • how you can share the costs of an FCERM project between national and local sources of funding
  • how to fill out the partnership funding calculator to estimate how much GIA funding your project may be eligible for

Develop an FCERM project business case

Use the develop an FCERM project business case guidance to find out:

  • how to start a business case
  • how to use the appraisal guidance to develop your business case
  • how to submit your business case for technical and financial approval
  • which forms to submit with your business case
  • how the Environment Agency will assess and approve your business case
  • about other requirements you must meet

Appraisal guidance

Use the FCERM appraisal guidance to:

  • improve your chances of submitting a successful project proposal
  • choose and maintain the right type of appraisal for your project
  • use the correct methods and calculations in your FCERM appraisal
  • set objectives for your FCERM project
  • identify and consider options and select the preferred one
  • prepare a relevant and proportionate business case

Climate change allowances

Use the flood and coastal risk projects, schemes and strategies climate change allowances to:

  • assess and plan for future flood risk and coastal change
  • understand what climate change allowances are
  • understand how to apply the allowances as you appraise your project

Submit FCERM project grant claims and financial reports

Use the submit FCERM grant claims and financial reports guidance to find out:

  • how to make a claim for GIA funding
  • how and when to report financial changes
  • what to do when your project’s finished

Completed FCERM schemes contribute to the FCERM investment plan targets set by the government. The Environment Agency reports progress against these targets in the flood and coastal erosion risk management annual report.

Help, advice and training

Community of practice

You can use the supporting flood and coastal projects to:

  • find guidance on developing your project
  • access training
  • ask questions and share information with the FCERM community
  • get updates on changes to guidance and process

Email: to request access.

Email: if you have any questions about your project.

Your local partnership and strategic overview (PSO) officer

Your local Environment Agency PSO officer can help you with all the stages of developing your FCERM project.

Email: to find out who your PSO officer is.

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