Partnership funding for FCERM projects

FCERM projects can share the costs using national and local sources of funding.

Applies to England

This information is for Risk Management Authorities (RMAs). You should have read flood and coastal erosion risk management projects and funding guidance so that you understand the steps you need to take when you develop an FCERM project.

You should also have read submit your FCERM project proposal guidance so you understand how to submit a proposal for grant-in-aid (GIA) funding.

The partnership funding policy sets out the arrangements that apply for the funding of FCERM projects. Additional changes were announced on 17 April 2020.

Partnership funding

Any project where the benefits are greater than the costs can qualify for a contribution from FCERM GIA funding.

The amount of FCERM GIA funding you’re eligible for depends on the benefits and the outcomes of your project.

If the eligible GIA funding does not cover all your costs you may need to raise extra money from partners through contributions. This is partnership funding.

Anyone who benefits from an FCERM project can be a partner, including:

  • local communities
  • businesses
  • developers
  • local councils

Principles for setting up funding partnerships

To set up a funding partnership, you should follow the operational principles. These encourage trust between partners and make roles and responsibilities clearer.

Using the partnership funding calculator

The partnership funding arrangements changed in April 2021.

Projects that started after April 2021

If your project started after April 2021 you should use the partnership funding calculator 2020. You should use the calculator to work out how much FCERM GIA funding could be available for your project. You need Microsoft Excel to use the calculator.

Calculate GIA funding for FCERM projects 2020 explains:

  • how to fill out the sections in the partnership funding calculator
  • what the outputs mean
  • how to value financial contributions
  • how to decide the duration of benefits period

Projects that started before 1 April 2021

If your project started before April 2021 you should use the previous partnership funding calculator v8 (2014). You should also read the supporting partnership funding calculator guidance (2014).

The transition arrangements explain how to move from the old partnership funding arrangements to the new system.

Supporting guidance about partnership funding

Read the partnership funding supporting guidance for outcome measure 4 for further information about assessing environmental improvements.

Follow the appraisal guidance when assessing the benefits and outcomes used to calculate the eligible FCERM GiA funding for a project.

Read the updated property flood resilience guidance for calculating FCERM GiA funding for stand-alone property flood resilience projects. This property flood resilience guidance is held outside GOV.UK. Email us if you need access.

The current partnership funding policy (2011) and flood and coastal resilience partnership funding introductory guide (2011) will continue to apply to some projects. See the transition arrangements for an explanation about this.

Supplementary guidance

The supplementary guidance can help you set up funding partnerships for flood and coastal erosion risk management projects. It can also help you calculate how much funding you need.

If you need help or advice

Find out about our community of practice or ask for advice from your local PSO officer.

Published 2 September 2021
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