Find product information about medicines

Search for information about medicines including patient information leaflets (PILs), details on how the medicine can be used (SmPCs) and scientific reports (PARs).

Healthcare professionals or members of the public can use this service to find:

  • the leaflets which are provided with medicines
  • the description of the medicinal product’s properties and how it can be used
  • scientific reports about marketing authorisations for medicines

The service provides the following types of documents:


Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) is a description of a medicinal product’s properties and the conditions attached to its use. It explains how to use and prescribe a medicine. It is used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists.


Every medicine pack includes a patient information leaflet (PIL), which provides information on using the medicine safely. They are based on information in the SPC of the medicine


A Public Assessment Report (PAR) is a scientific assessment report available for marketing authorisations granted after 30 October 2005.

This service replaces the previously separate MHRA websites, one of which hosted SPC and PILs, the other PARs.

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Published 19 December 2019

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