F gas exports rejected at an EU border control post

What to do if your fluorinated gas (F gas) exports are rejected at an EU border control post (BCP).

If HFCs (the most common type of F gas) you export from GB to EU (and Northern Ireland) are rejected at a BCP and need to return to GB you’ll need to regain free circulation status for the goods.

This applies to both HFCs in bulk and in products and equipment.

To regain free circulation status the HFCs must comply with clearance processes.

You must:

  • have a full customs declaration
  • be registered on the GB HFC registry
  • have sufficient HFC quota authorisations or delegations at the time of re-entry

The Environment Agency will administer the GB HFC systems on behalf of England, Scotland and Wales, subject to receiving the direction of the Scottish and Welsh governments.

The National Clearance Hub (NCH) will check your customs declaration against the HFC registry. If you have sufficient quota or authorisations, they will give permission for the goods to move on from the GB port of re-entry.

Your HFCs may not be able to re-enter GB if you:

  • are not on the HFC registry
  • do not have sufficient quota or authorisations

NCH will instruct Border Force to stop and detain your consignment at the border when returning from an EU BCP.

NCH or Border Force and the regulator will check the consignment and decide how to deal with the returned HFCs.

The regulator is:

  • Environment Agency in England
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland
  • Natural Resources Wales in Wales

The HFCs may be destroyed.

Published 11 January 2021