Dstl Early Careers case studies

This collection of short videos gives an insight into the variety of life at Dstl from the perspective of our graduates, apprentices and year in industry students.


Dan talks about his Year In Industry with Dstl’s Counter Terrorism and Security Division.

Dan’s Year in Industry experience


Ellie, a Year In Industry student with Dstl’s Chemical, Biological and Radiological Division, talks about unexpected leisure activities and life as a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) ambassador.

Ellie’s Year in Industry experience


Sam, who works in Dstl’s Cyber and Information Systems Division, talks about the most exciting thing he’s done at Dstl, his sports obsession and his favourite benefit of working for Dstl.

Sam’s experience of working for Dstl


Natasha, an associate project manager, explains STEPS, Dstl’s support and professional development scheme for new starters.

Natasha’s experience of Dstl’s support for new starters


Ian, a scientist in Dstl’s Chemical, Biological and Radiological Division, explains what attracted him to Dstl and the benefits of STEPS, Dstl’s new starters’ support scheme.

Ian’s experience of working for Dstl

Published 9 November 2015