Driving after Brexit for UK licence holders living in the EU

You must exchange your UK driving licence before Brexit and retest your vehicle in the EU country you live in.

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The UK is leaving the EU. This page tells you how to prepare for Brexit and will be updated if anything changes.

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UK and EU driving licences

You must exchange your UK driving licence for a local EU licence to drive legally in the country you live in. You must do this before the UK leaves the EU.

Exchange your licence as early as you can because your application may take longer than usual to process.

Check what will happen to the licence exchange arrangement in each EU and EEA country after a no-deal Brexit.

You will still be able to drive on your EU licence when visiting the UK.

Vehicle safety and roadworthiness (MOT)

Your UK MOT test certificate will not be recognised in the EU after Brexit.

You must have your vehicle retested in the EU country you live in.

Rules for driving in EU countries

You must check the rules for driving and living in different EU countries and follow any local laws.

Published 12 August 2019