Down's syndrome screening: quality assurance support service

This document explains the Down's syndrome quality assurance support service (DQASS) and how to use it.

The Down’s syndrome screening quality assurance support service (DQASS) is a statistical support service for Down’s syndrome screening.

Registration for DQASS

All Down’s syndrome screening laboratories and screening sonographers working in the NHS in England must register for DQASS.

Submitting data for DQASS

Use the DQASS data collection guide to provide anonymised patient data for the scheduled 6 month period in Microsoft excel format.

The service will send you a schedule to follow for submission and you will receive emails offering 4 week and 1 week submission reminders.

Risk calculation software requirement

Down’s syndrome screening practitioners and laboratories have to use a risk calculation programme which meets the software requirements specified by DQASS.


DQASS will send you a report based on analysis of the received data.

Contact DQASS

Down's syndrome screening quality assurance support service (DQASS)

ITTC Building, Room 303
Tamar Science Park
1 Davy Road


Published 1 January 2014