Defence and Security Accelerator: intellectual property

This guidance explains how your intellectual property (IP) is protected when you submit a proposal to the Defence and Security Accelerator.

The only way to submit a research proposal to the Defence and Security Accelerator is online.

The Defence and Security Accelerator is required to protect all third-party IP. We use a number of safeguards to protect your IP while also allowing proper scrutiny of your proposals by our expert assessors and appropriate transparency of how public money is being spent.

After a fixed period of time (usually around 6 months after the competition has completed), most of your submission will be deleted from our system. We do this to protect your IP.

We do not use information received from external organisations other than for the purpose for which it’s provided to the Defence and Security Accelerator .

Any information you provide to us as part of a Defence and Security Accelerator proposal that’s not already available from other sources will be handled in confidence. It won’t be used or disclosed for other purposes without having the right or getting permission to do so. Submitting a proposal to the Defence and Security Accelerator won’t jeopardise a potential patent application as it’s submitted in confidence.

Information we keep

We must keep indefinitely the following information on your proposal:

  • title
  • summary
  • total price
  • technology area(s)
  • (if applicable) previous submission reference number
  • organisation

Information that can be made public

For those projects we fund, we’ll also release to the public:

  • title
  • total price
  • names of deliverables
  • organisation

Digital watermarks

We make sure all proposals through our online submission service get a digital watermark. The watermark names the person who’s logged in to view the proposal and shows the proposal reference number.

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Published 8 December 2016