Current Open Standards challenges

View the current challenges available to comment on or raise your own suggestion.

Current challenges

You can view the full list of current challenges on GitHub.

You can also:


Each challenge is labelled according to its type of challenge and its progress through the open standards’ process.

  1. Suggestion - this label is used when an issue is first raised and is yet to be triaged
  2. Challenge - this label is used to replace the suggestion label when a raised issue becomes an official challenge
  3. In progress - this label is added when a challenge is in progress and has a challenge owner
  4. Data - type of suggestion/challenge
  5. Help wanted - request for help with a specific query
  6. Question - question on a specific issue or challenge

Other metadata

In each challenge there is information on the:

  • category
  • owner
  • overview of the issue
  • user needs
  • benefits
  • functional needs that an open standard could solve
  • outline plan/timeline
Published 1 April 2013