Cryptosporidium reference unit (CRU)

The national reference unit for cryptosporidium provides expert management, prevention and control advice as well as cryptosporidium typing and confirmation services.

Reference services include:

  • cryptosporidia
  • differential diagnosis and confirmation of cryptosporidium
  • specialist testing for the detection of cryptosporidium in immunocompromised patients at high risk
  • typing to support outbreak and cluster investigations, and for epidemiology
  • provision of positive control and training materials
  • consultation advice on diagnostic methods and management of cryptosporidiosis
  • advice on the investigation, epidemiology, control and prevention of cryptosporidium

Research areas include:

  • evaluation of new laboratory methods for cryptosporidium detection, diagnosis, typing and subtyping
  • epidemiology and seroepidemiology
  • risk factors and prevention

For more information on this unit please visit the CRU page of the Public Health Wales website.

Cryptosporidium reference unit (CRU)

Public Health Wales Microbiology ABM, Singleton Hospital

Published 8 August 2014