CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: annual reporting

The deadline for submitting your CRC annual report, the information you need to provide and how to report.

The CRC Energy Efficiency scheme will close once the current compliance year has ended on 31 March 2019. Participants in CRC must carry out their compliance actions for the current year. They will also need to meet certain record keeping requirements until March 2025. See the CRC closure guidance for more information.

CRC: deadline for annual reporting

Each compliance year ends on 31 March. You need to submit your annual report by the last working day of July, after the end of the compliance year.

Each autumn, the Environment Agency will publish a table showing the emissions data submitted by CRC participants in its Annual Report Publication. This replaces the Performance League Table.

CRC: annual report information

Here is a summary of the information you need to provide for your annual report.

Energy supplies

You need to report the total amount of CRC energy supplies across your whole organisation, including any subsidiaries and participant equivalent organisations (PE). You also need to report energy supplies for each individual PE.

You must enter details of supplies of:

  • electricity
  • gas used for heating

Some electricity and gas supplies are excluded from CRC. The document ‘CRC guidance for participants in phase 2’ provides more information about excluded supplies.

You need to indicate whether the supply data is actual or estimated.

For actual supply data you must have at least 2 actual meter readings for that compliance year (April to March). These readings must be at least half a year apart.

If you do not have these, your supply data is defined as estimated and you must enter the figure into the ‘estimated supply’ column in the annual report.

The CRC Registry will automatically add a 10% uplift to the emissions associated with an estimated supply to allow for any inaccuracies in the estimate.

Electricity generated by renewables

If applicable, enter the amount of electricity you have generated using renewables:

  • for which you have received Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) or Feed-in Tariffs (FITs), and
  • that you have self-supplied and for which you have been issued with ROCs or FITs, and
  • that you have self-supplied and generated on site from energy sources and technologies installed from 1 January 2008 and which are eligible for, but not claiming, ROCs or FITs

Turnover data

Providing this information is voluntary. You can leave this field blank.

For companies – use the most recent turnover for all the UK based parts of their organisation from their most recent set of accounts.

For public bodies – use the most recent annual revenue expenditure figure.

Corporate social responsibility disclosure

You will be asked to provide yes or no answers to 4 questions about carbon management in your organisation or group.

Providing this information is voluntary. Select ‘no answer’ from the drop down box if you do not want to provide it.

Comments box

There is a free text box you can use to describe any factors you think might have affected your emissions. This information may be published as part of the Annual Report Publication.

Submitting your report

Once you have entered your annual report information, you can download a pdf summary before submitting the report.

If you need to amend any data before submitting the report, use the ‘previous’ button on the screen to navigate back. Do not use the back button on your browser as you could lose your information.

When you are sure you have entered all the correct information, submit your report.

Your senior officer and authorised contact will receive a pdf summary of the data submitted. They should check this summary is correct.

If there are errors in your report, you can submit new reports up until the reporting deadline. The last report submitted will be taken as your final, correct report.

CRC guidance for participants in phase 2’ provides information on how to report and the information you need to supply.

The ‘Annual reporting user guide’ will help you use the CRC Registry to submit your annual report.

CRC: help and guidance

Requirements for those registered in CRC phase 2 are available in ‘CRC: Guidance for participants in phase 2’.

The ‘CRC Registry user guide: annual reporting’ will help you use the CRC Registry to submit your annual report.


Environment Agency CRC helpdesk -

Call 03708 506 506 (call charges)

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