Coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics and analysis

Data sources of numbers relating to the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

COVID-19 cases and deaths

Information about the number of recorded cases and the number of recorded deaths for people who have tested positive.

Estimated infection rate

The ONS infection survey estimates the number of cases in the community. The reproduction number (R) and growth rates estimate the change in infection rate across the population.

Deaths where COVID-19 is suspected

Some deaths occur when COVID-19 is suspected but not confirmed by a test. The statistics below include these cases.

Excess deaths report

The Excess deaths report measures additional deaths in England that are not included in the sources above.

Testing and tracing

The number and type of tests carried out.

Hospital cases of COVID-19

Information about demand for healthcare services.

Business and the economy



Social impacts

Statistics relating to the impact of coronavirus on education, travel and the wider community.


Published 24 June 2020
Last updated 2 September 2020 + show all updates
  1. Addition of link to Collection page, 'PPE deliveries statistics (England): weekly reports'.

  2. Addition of data on Northern Ireland.

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