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Welsh language on GOV.UK

The policy governing use of Welsh language on GOV.UK.

GOV.UK, run by the Government Digital Service (GDS), brings together information and services from every UK government department and hundreds of agencies and arm’s length bodies. GOV.UK was built to meet the needs of all users, including Welsh-language speakers. GDS prioritises translation of GOV.UK content into Welsh based on the strength of Welsh-language users’ needs.

GOV.UK supports publishing Welsh versions of any official publication, allowing government organisations to comply with their Welsh language schemes.

GDS’s Welsh language responsibilities

GDS is responsible for:

  • understanding the government’s statutory obligation to support the Welsh language, by working with the Wales Office, Cabinet Office and Welsh-language specialists in departments and agencies
  • understanding users’ need for Welsh-language content and ensuring that GOV.UK responds to that need
  • developing and maintaining a consistent approach to translating Welsh-language content on GOV.UK

Read the guidance on requesting a Welsh-language translation of GOV.UK mainstream content.

Government organisations’ Welsh language responsibilities

Government organisations are responsible for:

  • deciding which departments and policy content on GOV.UK needs translating
  • arranging high-quality translation
  • keeping Welsh content accurate and up to date

Read the guidance on translating GOV.UK departments and policy content into Welsh.

Welsh language schemes

Many government departments have a Welsh language scheme explaining their approach to publishing content in Welsh.