Comment on an open standards challenge

This guide tells you how to comment on any of the open standard challenges.

Anyone can comment on an open standards challenge as part of the process for choosing an open standard. This is currently done via GitHub.

The process of selecting and implementing open standards is open and transparent.

There will be open challenges on GitHub suggesting open standards that might solve a current problem or improve an existing service. You can comment on any challenge, and they’ll be able to comment on yours.

Comment on an open standard challenge

If you already have a GitHub account you need to:

  • go to the open standards challenges and suggestions page in the ‘issues’ tab on GitHub and select the challenge or suggestion that you want to comment on
  • write your comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page and attach any relevant documents

Create a GitHub account

If you don’t have a GitHub account you need to:

  • click the ‘create a GitHub account’ link to go to the ‘create an account’ page on GitHub
  • follow the 3 steps to create an account which will take you to the home screen
  • use the search bar at the top to look for ‘open-standards’
  • click on the first result ‘alphagov/open-standards’ which will take you to the ‘open-standards <>code’ page
  • select the second tab called ‘issues’
  • follow the instruction above to comment on a challenge or suggestion

About Github

GitHub is a code hosting platform where you can create and review code. It helps version control and collaboration on your coding projects.

Published 1 April 2013