Climate change adaptation: information for local authorities

Guidance for local authorities to help ensure the UK is prepared for the impacts of climate change

Local councils play a vital role in making sure the UK is prepared for the impacts of climate change at a local level. They provide many services that will be affected by climate change.

This will present different challenges to each area, and local councils are free to decide how best to address these challenges and take advantage of any opportunities.

Preparing for climate change: guidance and information


UKCIP provide guidance and information to organisations on preparing for climate change.

It also has:

Adapting to climate change: guides

National Indicator 188 (NI 188)

From 2008-2010 local authorities reported against a process-based framework to help their preparations for a changing climate. In 2010, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced it would end central performance monitoring via Local Area Agreements and the National Indicator (NI) set.

The approach taken under NI 188, as set out in the guidance, may still be useful for local councils as an adaptation framework to use on a voluntary basis.

Environment Agency (EA)

The Environment Agency (EA) issues information on flooding, including a free flood warning service.

Adapting to climate change: local information

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Published 9 April 2013