Combined heat and power quality assurance (CHPQA) guidance notes

Certification for Good Quality CHP

CHPQA Guidance Notes

The Guidance Notes help and guide applicants in completing the required forms and in carrying out Self-assessment of their CHP Schemes. They may be updated from time to time and the latest version of each Notes and Form will be held on the website.

The CHPQA Guidance Notes are structured as follows:

  • GN0 to GN9 Introduction
  • GN10 to GN16 Scheme Details and Thresholds
  • GN17 to GN29 CHPQA Analysis
  • GN30 to GN39 Treatment of Special Cases
  • GN40 to GN49 Uses for CHPQA

Simple Guide to the CHP Quality Assurance Programme

The Guidance Notes should be read in conjunction with the CHPQA Standard, which sets out definitions, criteria and methodologies for the operation of CHPQA. The Guidance Notes provide detailed information on how the Standard will be interpreted by Government Departments and Agencies as well as guidance on compliance with the Standard. A number of worked examples are also included.

Guidance Note Summary
GUIDANCE NOTE 00 Introduction to the CHPQA Guidance Notes Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 1 CHPQA Application for Registration (Form F1)
GUIDANCE NOTE 2 CHP Scheme Description (Form F2) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 2s CHP Scheme Description (Form F2(S)) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 3 Self-Assessment for Proposed New and Upgraded CHP Schemes (Form F3) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 3s Self Assessment of Proposed New CHP Schemes (Form F3(S)) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 4 Self-Assessment for Existing Schemes (Form F4) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 4s Self-Assessment for Existing Schemes (Form F4(S)) Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 10 Defining Good Quality CHP Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 11 CHP Scheme Definition Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 12 CHP Scheme Description Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 13 CHP Scheme Monitoring Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 14 CHP Scheme Energy Inputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 15 CHP Scheme Power Outputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 16 CHP Scheme Heat Outputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 17 Uncertainty in Metered Inputs and Outputs
GUIDANCE NOTE 18 Uncertainty in Calculated Energy Inputs and Outputs
GUIDANCE NOTE 19 Adjustment of Energy Inputs and Outputs for Excessive Uncertainty
GUIDANCE NOTE 20 Indirect Determination of Energy Inputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 21 Indirect Determination of Heat Outputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 22 Indirect Determination of Mechanical Power Outputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 23 Correction of Bias in Inputs and Outputs Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 24 Determination of Scheme Quality Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 25 Determination of CHP Qualifying Fuel Input Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 26 Determination of CHP Qualifying Power Output Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 27 Determination of CHP Qualifying Power Capacity Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 28 The Determination of Z Ratio Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 29 Alternative Fuels - Energy Inputs
GUIDANCE NOTE 30 CHP Serving Community Heating Information
GUIDANCE NOTE 31 CHP Schemes Less Than 2MWe
GUIDANCE NOTE 41 Use of CHPQA to Obtain Exemption from CCL and Relief from Fuel Duty (Including On Supplies Subject To Carbon Price Support (CPS) Rates of CCL and Fuel Duty)
GUIDANCE NOTE 43 Use of CHPQA to Obtain Exemption from Business Rating of CHP Plant and Machinery
GUIDANCE NOTE 44 Issue 4 Use Of CHPQA To Obtain Support Under The Renewables Obligation - for Schemes that were operational and certified prior to 26 July 2012
GUIDANCE NOTE 44 Issue 5 Use Of CHPQA To Qualify For Contracts For Difference Support - for Renewable Obligation Schemes certified prior to 1 January 2016, that were not operational before 26 July 2012 and for Contracts for Difference contracts entered into before the publication of Issue 6 of this Guidance Note
GUIDANCE NOTE 44 Issue 6 Use of CHPQA in respect of the Renewables Obligation and Contracts for Difference - for Renewable Obligation Schemes not certified prior to 1 January 2016 and Contracts for Difference contracts entered into after the publication of this Guidance Note
Appendix 1 Example 1 - a Simple Small-Scale CHP Scheme Information
Appendix 2 Example 2 - a CCGT Scheme with Mixed Fuels Information
Appendix 3 Example 3 - Determination of Useful Heat Output by Direct Use of Gas Turbine (or Engine) Exhaust Gases
Appendix 4 Example 4 - Determination of Z-Ratio by Plant Performance Test
Generic Scheme Energy Flow Diagrams Generic Scheme Energy Flow Diagrams
Summary of Standards Summary of Standards
Glossary Glossary of terms
CHPQA CHP Unit List (Specs’ for CHP’s <500KWe) CHPQA Unit list allows small engine based CHP schemes (<500 kWe) to check their performance against the design performance of the relevant unit and under specified conditions to use the efficiency information in estimating the fuel input and/or heat output on their CHPQA submission.
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Use of CHPQA to obtain Enhanced Capital Allowances

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