Become an open standards challenge owner

What it means to be a cross-government open standards challenge owner and how to become one.

Open standards challenge owners lead the work to develop proposals and standards profiles in response to challenges. Read more about open standards for government data and technology.

How to become a challenge owner

The Open Standards team are in charge of appointing a challenge owner. When a suggestion is accepted and becomes a challenge the team will:

  • make an offer to the person who raised the issue to become a challenge owner - this is dependent on the person being qualified to create a proposal
  • use the comments section of the challenge to ask for potential challenge owners
  • approach suitable people directly
  • consider anyone who offers to become a challenge owner

Challenge owners are volunteers and no one is obliged to become one. Making a challenge suggestion or commenting on open challenges does not bind you to become a challenge owner.

If you would like to become a challenge owner you can contact the Open Standards team on


The main tasks for challenge owners are to:

  • select standards from their own research and responses from users
  • lead workshops and discussions with stakeholders to establish user needs
  • create proposals that explain how a standard meets the criteria of a challenge
  • answer assessment questions about the openness of a standard and the organisation that developed it
  • develop a proposal for evaluation
  • take the final proposal to the Open Standards Board for approval
  • write the final standard profile agreed by the Board
  • publicise the work with blog posts and other communications assist implementers with guidance

The Open Standards team and the open standards community will work with you. The team will explain the role when you start, guide you through each stage and assist in assessing the proposal.

There are resources available to help challenge owners throughout each phase while they work towards selecting open standards for government IT.

Published 15 April 2013