Avoid HM Land Registry requisitions: execution of deeds and powers of attorney

Tips and video on how to avoid requisitions about the execution of deeds and powers of attorney.


Avoid common problems with executing deeds by checking:

  • each party’s signature has been witnessed, and that the witness details have been included
  • you are using the correct form of execution for the person or organisation involved

Avoid the two main types of errors with powers of attorney by enclosing:

  • a copy of a power – this tends to be for corporate attorneys. Don’t forget that instead of enclosing a copy of a power, you can enclose a certificate in Form 1 in Schedule 3 to the Land Registration Rules 2003
  • confirmation of identity for an attorney, as well as the donor of the power when this is required. This will always be required except where they have executed a discharge.
    See section 6.1 of practice guide 67: evidence of identity; conveyancers

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How to avoid HM Land Registry requisitions: Execution of deeds and powers of attorney

Video playlist: How to avoid HM Land Registry requisitions

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Published 7 October 2016