Avoid HM Land Registry requisitions: company charges

Tips and video on how to avoid requisitions when applying to register company charges.


When sending a charge by a company to HM Land Registry for registration we need:

  • a certified copy of the charge
  • a copy of the certificate of registration issued by Companies House and
  • a certificate confirming that:
    • the certified copy charge lodged for registration is a certified copy of the charge filed with Companies House (if a redacted copy was sent to Companies House, certify that the charge is a certified copy of the original charge of which a redacted copy was filed under s859G of Companies Act 2006), and
    • the certificate of registration relates to the charge being registered

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How to avoid HM Land Registry requisitions: Company charges

Video playlist: How to avoid HM Land Registry requisitions

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Published 7 October 2016
Last updated 16 January 2019 + show all updates
  1. We have clarified the guidance about the content the charge certificate should contain to avoid a requisition.

  2. We changed the summary to better reflect the information given on this page.

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